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    Monday 21 May

  • Strata: Training 08:00

    Data drives business transformation. Join us at Strata to turn algorithms into advantage.

  • How to be an Entrepreneur: Burn the Business Plan. with Carl Schramm 08:30

    This talk will encourage you to get started. This is THE guide to starting and running a business that will actually work for anyone wanting practical, real-world advice on how to start and run a successful business. It will show you how to avoid the common mistakes and what you need to do to put your enterprise on track for success.

  • Tuesday 22 May

  • Lastly presents Altitude London 09:00

    Learn about the future of the edge, digital transformation, and cloud trends

  • Wednesday 23 May

  • Strata: Tutorials and conference 08:00

    Data drives business transformation. Join us at Strata to turn algorithms into advantage.

  • Thursday 24 May

  • Be an Ethical Capitalist (Breakfast Talk) with Julian Richer 09:00

    Do join us for this inspiring talk filled with practical advice on how to be an ‘ethical capitalist’

  • Monday 11 June

  • UX Design 4-day course: from research to portfolio 13:00

    An insightful, hands-on & affordable 4-day course on User Experience design run by a professional UX designer with 15+ years of experience that covers an entire UX design process: from UX research, user testing and analytics to wireframing, prototyping and creating portfolio.

  • Wednesday 13 June

  • CryptoCompare & MJAC London Blockchain Summit 09:00

    If you are looking to find out more about blockchain technology or digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum then our London summit is a must attend event.

  • Thursday 14 June

  • Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now with Jaron Lanier 06:45

    Offering ten simple arguments for liberating ourselves from its addictive hold, Jaron Lanier will also outline a vision for an alternative that provides all the benefits of social media without the harm.

  • Tuesday 26 June

  • Decoded Future presented by Stylus 08:30

    Discover, explore and connect with change-makers from over 600+ global brands, retailers, agencies, startups and tech companies.

  • Women of Silicon Roundabout 09:15

    Join 4,000+ tech leaders and professionals at the UK’s vibrant centrepiece for women in tech – hear from the best speakers in the industry, enhance your entire skills portfolio and celebrate gender diversity in the world’s fastest growing industry

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